Creation Support

laSala is a centre for creation, research, exhibition and arts education for children aged between 0 and 14 years old. Our activities are aimed at children and their families, as well as teachers and professionals working in the creative, educational and social sectors of the arts for children and young people.

We firmly believe in the transformative power of the arts. That’s why our goal is to create the space and time to open doors, break down limits, wonder, reflect, connect and excite, so that children can have a full artistic experience. Creating an artistic encounter for children, in either a family or school environment. We carry out our projects with a grass-roots focus on the local area, while also in dialogue with the international scene.

laSala offers 4 types of residencies to artists and creatives: 

  • Creative residency: complete artistic and technical support programme.
  • Young creation: support programme for 2 years.
  • Research laboratory: support for research processes through workshops.
  • Technical/one-off residency: technical support during the final stage of creation.



laSala’s creative residency programmes are aimed at artists and companies who work on performing arts projects for children and young people. The programmes make it possible to create active links with the centre by carrying out creative processes at each and every stage of the project. Open rehearsals can be held at schools linked to laSala to adjust projects in terms of age range, rhythm and so on, allowing artists to see results in the context of regular programming at our space.  

laSala offers artistic and technical support throughout the creative process through a custom-designed support plan. We offer:

  • Spaces and resources for the creative process, rehearsals and open showings.
  • The option of holding research laboratories in schools linked to the laSala project.
  • Support for artistic production and direction.
  • Support for distribution.
  • Support for drafting an artistic and professional development strategy.
  • Support for communication, image management and marketing.
  • Support funding research.
  • Support for gaining access to national and international markets.

Open call season 2022-2023. Deadline: 31 March 2022.

Aimed at artists and companies in Catalonia, Spain and abroad.


Support with creation projects by young artists and/or companies.

laSala offers a tutored follow-up by professional specialists over the course of two years, as well as the option of running research laboratories at schools linked to the laSala project.

The support includes artistic and technical creation residencies in our space and an exhibition of the final result.

Young companies are considered as companies founded in the last 2 years and/or that have made less than 2 productions.

Young creation call (sep. 21 – dec. 23): CLOSED – Companyia La Curiosa

Next call (sept. 22 – dec. 25): july 2022

Aimed at artists and companies residents in Catalonia.









We offer artists and companies the option to carry out research workshops as part of the research process. This allows artists the opportunity to work directly with children from schools linked to our centre (nursery schools, primary schools and high schools), as well as with the families that are part of the wider laSala community.

They are provided with support and advice from the team at laSala, as well as from external staff specialised in their field of research, where necessary. With the goal of taking research as far as possible.

Call deadline: open all year round.

*The projects will be evaluated and approved based on the management capacity of the team at laSala.










laSala provides artists and professional companies with the option of carrying out technical and/or one-off residencies to provide creators with a fully-equipped space to stage their show. 


The space allows companies to incorporate technical equipment (lighting, sound and audiovisual) and set design into their rehearsals.

In addition, at laSala we make it easier to transfer the space and technical resources in order to record the show for marketing and/or streaming purposes. It is also possible to make any technical adjustments that the show needs.

Duration of technical and/or one-off artistic residencies: 2 weeks maximum.

*Possibility of open showings for schools linked to the project.

Open call: 1 to 31 March 2022.

*The projects will be evaluated and approved based on availability in laSala’s space.

laSala’s thecnical facilities






Presentation of the project:

Type of residency requested

Description of the project

Artistic team

Age range the project is aimed at

Specify whether the proposal is supported by other centres and whether it has any co-production or public support



The time frame (frequency, duration, schedule, etc.) will be agreed to try to adjust to the needs of each project, wherever possible. 

Artistic and technical needs



It may be possible to offer support for transport and accommodation.

In the event that the project becomes part of the laSala’s regular programming, 70% of the box office takings will go to the artist/company.



  • Quality of the artistic proposal and interest within the context of creating performing arts for children and young people.
  • Clear presentation, methodology, planning and coherence of the project.
  • Risks taken, experimentation and openness to new artistic languages. As well as hybrid in-person/digital formats or combinations of different artistic disciplines.
  • Commitment to dialogue with laSala to share the knowledge generated during the creative process.
  • Willingness to develop mediation and participation actions in connection with laSala’s field of activity.
  • Projects with a clear view towards internationalisation will be viewed positively.
  • Projects targeting audiences with different abilities will be welcomed.
  • Projects that take into account reducing environmental footprint will be welcomed.

Please send projects to, preferably in .pdf format.