Descripció imatge del festival

In their early years, young children discover the world and, aroused by curiosity, they watch everything. The festival "El Més Petit de Tots" aims to stimulate their artistic discoveries with a selection of shows that are close, intimate and sensitive.

The festival "El Més Petit de Tots", which will be held on November 7-22, 2015, was founded in Sabadell in 2005 fuelled by LaSala Miguel Hernández and with a clear international scope. Over the last ten editions, the festival has displayed high-quality and close-proximity artistic productions, thus becoming a benchmark in this artistic field that is slowly but steadily growing in our country.

It is a festival that features a selection of contemporary international shows specifically addressed to children's audiences, in which everything is seen at a short distance and intensely experienced, where all languages find their place and mix: music, theatre, dance, audiovisual, play...   

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